2011 — 2013Product design and front-end for a microblogging start-up

At ThingLink I was responsible for the UI design of the service – from the icons to the user-flow. Additionally, I was also responsible for most of the front-end styling. I have overseen three complete redesigns of the service, most importantly this version which saw its transition from a publishing tool to a social microblogging platform. During the transition, intense user-testing and A/B-testing of the service was also done to optimise visitor-conversion and user-retention. These designs were implemented just prior to the industry-wide adoption of flat design and used Bootstrap as its underlying framework.

The current service is responsive, mobile and touched by over 1 million users daily. Working design workflows and methodologies into an agile workflow made for some great experiences and learning!

I was also involved in early designs for the Thinglink app, as well as the production of a steady stream of marketing materials. Along with UX research, those were my secondary roles in the company.

The front-page, Learn More and Business pages; all aimed at conversion with prominently placed calls-to-action and demonstrations of the service.

Post-login, the user lands on the Network page from where he has access to his own Profile page as well as the tagged-image creation tools. One of the services where images can be readily imported from is Flickr.

A pop-up for selecting the tag icon, and the view showcasing the tagged Thinglink image with associated comments and related images.