2016Node.js web-app to paint and recontextualise images

Remix is a Node.js / MongoDB web-app rapidly prototyped over a week. It allows a user to paint over and add text to an image, in an effort to reconxtualise and personalise it. The images are selected from the online archives at It was commissioned by a friend for her thesis project.

The project moved pretty quickly from initial sketch to prototype, and then to the first release.

Exhibited publicly at the Gallery Magito, Suvilahti; the app seemed to be a hit gauging by the smiles of the users. It was indeed revelatory to observe how users approached these archival images from Finnish socio-cultural history, and appropriated them graphically. Simple interventions of coloured blobs, text and resizing allowed for a multiplicity of approaches.

The work is still very much WIP. So much so, that I was actually live-coding the app in the gallery in response to user-feedback while it was live and on display. Call it one manner of user-testing and iterating.