Noticed App

2013 — 2015Hybrid app and communication service for large organisations

Solving information-scatter and information-overload at large organisations through better categorisation and filtering of communication. The platform, Noticed was born, piloted and was in use at Aalto University.

Universities spend a large amount of time posting information onto multiple platforms (e.g. university webpages, course pages, student emails, etc.). Students are frustrated from information-overload and multiple sources of information. A group of Aalto students founded Noticed to help ease these communications. The platform aggregates, categorises, filters and then delivers targetted communication to the user.

Noticed secured seed funding from Aalto Center of Entrepreneurship, and in collaboration with Aalto IT and Communications is gearing up for a full university test.

As a founder, I worked on various aspects of Noticed. I contributed extensively to the UX/UI design and front-end development of the app itself. The app uses Cordova and Backbone coupled with a RESTful API written in Python.

Version 4

This is the current live version of the app. It runs as a cross-platform native app (using Cordova), and relies on multiple sources to populate itself: mails, feeds and direct content creation. Released in late-Oct. 2014, the app serves 350 active users.

Version 3

This version was the first version that was released to the students, the ones from the School of Electrical Engg. in particular. Extensive feedback was gathered, which led to an improved version. This version also introduced Shout (an ad-hoc un-targetted communication method) and the ability to create posts within the app itself.

Version 2

This version was tested by a handful of alpha-testers from the Creative Sustainability department at Aalto. As the first stable version of the app, this was a pretty big milestone. In terms of usability, this version focussed on the bare minimum required for a pleasant reading experience.

Version 1

The first version of the app, with fairly complex navigation. This didn’t survive too long and proved to be too complicated for extended use. This was, however, the proof-of-concept on the basis of which funding was secured!