Hello! Moi! Namaste!

I’m Palash, Designer & Developer of all things digital, tinkerer and part-time wordist. I focus on simplicity and specialise in rapid prototyping and digital toolsets. I learn whatever’s necessary for the job, and have over 15 years of experience in designing and developing for the web. My core skillset includes:

  • Product Design, UI & UX Design
  • Rapid Web Development
  • Device-agnostic Interfaces
  • Typography, Graphics & Icons

Over the years I’ve accumulated experience in visual design, service conceptualisation, interaction design and research-based design.

My printable CV is here →

Recommendations from colleagues

Palash is an excellent multi-talented designer, with a great eye, who can work from the very first steps on the design process until the actual implementation with HTML, CSS, SASS. It’s very difficult to find a person covering the ‘full stack’ on the design area and he does it really well.

Besides the technical and design skills, if I have to pick something above anything else is his positivism. He is an excellent team member, always willing to help others and very positive in all circumstances. He can always find the bright side of everything and that reflects on the team behavior and mood.

— Juan Guiterrez @ Morrr

Palash has an exceptional combination of being able to do visual and UI design, and implement user-interfaces for web applications. At Thinglink this made it possible to prototype and develop features in an agile manner. Palash has a positive and flexible working attitude.

— Janne Aukia @ Thinglink

I worked with Palash on both user interface updates on ThingLink.com and visually creative projects for clients. He has an exceptional ability to both visualize and conceptualize ideas and then implement them with the use of code or imagery. He has great eye for both details and broader concepts and he's able to adapt to tight deadlines. I appreciate his positive outlook.

— Jonas Forth @ Thinglink

Palash taught Interaction and Interactivity Design courses to a varied group of students – from basic level to advance level. I found that Palash took care to know the level of expertise of his students and prepared the workshop content that maximized the students' learning. He also displayed a unique ability to bring a lots of the student at par with their peers who were above average students in class through one-on-one tutorials and personal engagement in their learning process.

— Kumkum Nadig @ Srishti